Possible Obstruction?

Having had to cope with the forming of intestinal obstructions for over 10 years I’ve noticed a few things that have decreased the discomfort pain and sometimes even helped the obstruction to disappear.

  • Drink as much fluids as possible. Stick with water
    rooibos tea or other herbal tea and fruit juice.
  • Make use of a warm water bottle on your tummy to ease up on the pain
  • Lie on your right-hand side as this actually helps intestinal content to move through the system quicker (I’ve found this quite useful through the years)
  • If you do eat, try to keep to soft foods like mash, sweet potato or even cooked apples
  • If you can’t stomach food go for nutritional milkshakes like Ensure
  • Make sure the pain medication you are using won’t aggravate your inflammation levels

If the symptoms and pain gets worse rather go to hospital as this will do the least damage to your intestines. Remember you’re not Superman! 😉

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