My Crohn’s update…

Okay so I haven’t been able to blog in quite a while. Two reasons for this…
1 – The company I worked for is having financial difficulties so they had to let 6 people go. Unfortunately I was one of them. In other words I have to look for another job
2 – I had a bit of a Crohn’s flareup so I haven’t been feeling very well.
Yes I know that was an understatement :)

Basically my inflammation levels in my small intestine has risen and started forming an obstruction. Anybody that knows what it feels like knows that it is excruciating pain. Usually my trigger for going to the hospital is when the pain makes me throw up despite having taken 2 Stopayne/Myprodol capsules.
After phoning my boyfriend at 2am to take me to the hospital (yes he is a sweetheart and didn’t even complain once :)…)Luckily the obstruction wasn’t formed completely which meant I was home after 3 days in hospital.
They normally tell whether it is an obstruction by doing an xray.So as a result of this flare-up my doctor has put me on more medication. I’ll be trying the drug Methotrexate which I have tried a few years ago. I’m also on 9mg of Entocort a day and Salazopyrine. So once again I feel like a walking chemist swallowing so many pills on a day.
But hey if it helps I’m willing :)

I’m finding it quite tough to search for a job now, especially if I’m having an off day. Reality is if you feel sick or in pain it is extremely difficult not to let that come across in the interviews.

Time will tell, but for now I need to take care of my health and in second place look for employment.

Wish me luck!

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