Picking up my smile again

It’s not that I’m unhappy… it was more a case of being too tired to smile!

You see, I’ve been neglecting to exercise for a few months now and can feel the result. I desperately need to get active again.

I’ve found Yoga works extremely well for me and an added bonus is the relaxation and breathing part of it.

However I’ve been searching for a Yoga studio for a while now. I need one that’s either close to work or close to my home. I tried out a new place last week close to my office.
For some reason I either didn’t check or was over confident but I ended up attending a 2 hour intermediate class given by a woman that apparently has very high standards for her students.

On numerous occasions she felt the need to gently push my unwilling limbs into the correct posture despite a few grunts from my lips that I tried to keep inside.

I didn’t think I was going to make it to the end of the class. The last yoga class I attended was in April and in the last few months my joints have acted up again because of the Crohn’s.

Well I made it and needless to say I groaned and moaned for three days after that, even when I made a simple movement like point at an object.

Safe to say I won’t be returning any time soon and the search now continues for a beginners yoga class :)
Photo source: DotBenjamin

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