Why is it so much easier to regain perspective on the important things in life when I get very sick? Usually a hospital visit helps me to regain perspective and allows me to let the stress slide off me.

Well this time I’m determined to gain the same benefits without visiting the hospital :)

I’m blessed as the last time I was in hospital was 1.5 years ago. However I can feel the Crohn’s is active again. I went for bloodtests a few days ago which confirmed that my CRP level is 40. CRP levels indicate that their is inflammation somewhere in my body. My doctor put my on 3 month dose of entocort to try and get the inflammation back down again.

I think I’m getting better at listening to my body & reacting by controlling the aspects I can do something about.

So now I need to get perspective and not worry or stress about nonsense and take care of my body in order to get better!

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