Crohn’s disease update – Flare Schmare

Jip, it’s official. My Crohn’s is flaring again. Think it came very slowly this time around. I’ve been fighting it off for months now.

Have been through quite a bit of stress the last few months. Enduring stress at my previous job, finding a new job and starting at the new company in January.

At first I thought that I picked up a stomach bug, since the symptoms didn’t match previous flares exactly. However the dead-tired, anxious feeling on my chest should have been a clue for me.

I asked my boyfriend to take me to the emergency rooms last week Monday since I couldn’t stand the anxious and tired feeling anymore. I didn’t have a lot of pain so I kind of felt like a fraud walking into the hospital by myself, and not using a wheelchair. They put a drip on me and did a quick blood test.

After about an hour my drip started aching real bad and I asked the nurse to take it out. Still waiting for the results I made a gut decision to rather go home, since the liquid-panado (type painkiller) they gave me smoothed my cramps and anxious feeling. The doctor promised to phone me with the results, which she did about 30 minutes later.

I was so relieved to hear that my C-reactive Protein levels were normal that I didn’t confirm what the actual figure was. Only two days later did I realise that I was getting worse again and decided to follow up on that blood test. After quite a mission they emailed me a copy and sent a copy to my specialist upon my request. The same day he phoned me back to ask what’s happened since my CRP is so high! For some reason the doctor at the hospital didn’t give me the correct results. It really upset me for a while, but I just realised once again that I need to follow up on my gut-feeling and look after myself. Even if it means questioning or double checking an authority figure like an ER doctor!

So long story short, I’m on prednisone for the next few months to try and push down the inflammation as soon as possible while I stay on Methotrexate and Salazopyrine.

Wish me luck :)

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