Crohn’s flare and coping tools

So I’ve been trying to find mini projects to keep my mind off the Crohn’s flare and its struggles…
Sometimes it’s tough to stay positive when you feel low on energy most of the time and generally not feeling that great. Granted it could have been worse, so I really want to stay as positive and relaxed as possible.

So I decided to buy a domain, give my blog a make over and do what I can to motivate myself to blog more. I’ve noticed that I struggle to blog about the emotional and mental challenges I face when I get sick or struggle with something Crohn’s related. Which is kind of stupid, especially since I feel I should share these as it will help both me (being bit therapeutic) and hopefully help others that go through similar stuff! So I’m trying my best to just sit down and write and not necessarily plan each blog post to the tee.

Hopefully that will get me going!

I’ll give more details about my new blog as I get closer to launching it! :)
Stay tuned!

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