Moods and Crohn’s flare

My Crohn’s disease has decided to poke its head out after a long struggle from my side to keep it at bay. I shouldn’t complain really. This time round I haven’t landed up in hospital and I also don’t have major pain which both normally happened whenever I had a huge flare. My doctor put me on Entocort instead of the stronger Prednisone. I’m very glad about this seeing as I usually experience intense side effects when I’m on Prednisone. The side effects I’m experiencing most are headaches, tender body, slight night fever, constant feeling of thirst and dry mouth, mood swings and depression. Today I’m feeling particularly down in the dumps even though I know logically that I shouldn’t feel that way. It makes being productive at work very challenging! Wish me luck – that I don’t bite somebody’s head off today!
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