Crohn’s Flare Buster – The Project

So I decided I need to make a list of things I can do that will help my body heal and get over this Crohn’s flare, without sending me to hospital.  It’s obviously no guarantee, but if I don’t try I’ll never know right?

Things I want to do in next few weeks:

  • Drink all my medicine
  • Drink about 2 liter of water a day
  • Take Spasmopep
  • Try Acupuncture – Done
  • Go for a Massage
  • Make sure I get enough nutrition into my body
  • Possibly buy more Modulen to drink

I’ll expand and explain each point that isn’t obvious since I reckon the more I make my goals obvious or visible the more likely I’ll be to stick with it.

The trick is to not try to do too many things as it could cause more stress on my body and health, but to do enough to turn this inflammation upside down and out of my body!

Wish me luck!

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