Hospitals give me perspective

amazing view from hospitalMy flare and symptoms increased so in the end I decided it’s better to go to hospital than suffer and get worse.  The amazing view of table mountain and bunches of amazing flowers did wonders for my mental well-being.  I focused on resting properly and allowing my body to get better.

I was very lucky to have my own room and much needed silence and rest.  What I did not realize was that my doctor requested it for me (always dependent on availability of course).  It made me realize once again that sometimes small things can have a big impact on helping your body heal but that your doctor doesn’t always think of requesting one on your behalf. If I ever go to hospital again, provided I’m in the state of mind to remember I would definitely ask my doctor to do the same again.

My doctor gave me a intravenous course of cortisone, Vit C & Vit B’s with glucose to help push my inflammation levels down a bit.  CRP levels was roughly about 90 which is high.

I almost always experience a level of appreciation and get perspective again on what is important in life. That there are a lot of small insignificant things we often get so caught up on and easily put pressure on ourselves and loose perspective.
I’m trying my best to hold onto that perspective and pray that God will lead me and show me how to give my worries over to Him so that I can give my body the best chance of getting healthy and strong again.

2 thoughts on “Hospitals give me perspective

  1. Terrence Dunn

    Hi Belinda. I thought that I had already commented on your post, but alas, it seems not. I hope I’m not repeating myself.

    Anyway, hospitals and Crohn’s go hand-in-hand unfortunately, especially the older you get. I’m now 66 and I’ve had cronic Crohn’s since I was 18. Lately, I’m getting daily flareups with a period or 2 of milder pain some days. That’s been going on for the last 6 months.

    I was put on Remicade 18 months ago after 3 hospital episodes due to obstructions – I have a number of strtictures – the first 12 months saw a marked improvement in my condition such that I was able for the first time in 14 years to ween myself off of Prednisolone. My toilet improved to an extent where I was able to reduce the medication for diarrhea to half what I used to take. But the last 6 months have been a severe set back for me.

    Still, I enjoy a good quality of life. I love blogging, and I do as much as my conditions allow. I’ve just started a new blog about Crohns as you have and I’m looking around to see what I can ferret from other sites, and what are good sites to list on my blog. I’d like to include a link to yours if I may.

    Thank you for your great blog site.


  2. Belinda Post author

    Hi Terry

    Thanks for your comment! Sounds like you’ve been through a lot and still keeping your head high…good for you!
    Your welcome to link to my site and looking forward to more comments and sharing from you in the future.
    May 2012 hold lots of good things for you and that you will have the best health ever!

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