sooooo tired

Am doing okay. Could be better, could be worse.

Struggling to do a lot of things I would like to do. Zero energy. Zero motivation.

Even struggling to talk about these things for some reason.

Think I need to get some more rest….

2 thoughts on “sooooo tired

  1. Sheila

    I feel your pain! I’m home on the couch–hoping to avert an impending flare. I’ve had Crohn’s for several years & have (basically) built my life around it. I found your blog while I was googling to help pass the time. Hope your flare subsides or at least remains manageable. If you have invites left to the group you mentioned (in a previous post) I would like to have one!

  2. Belinda Post author

    Thanks for the message Sheila. Will email you an invite for crohnology. I’ve managed to land up in hospital with the flare very high. Hope you get your flare under control!

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