Exercise as a Crohn’s flare buster

Exercise as Crohn's buster

I am so happy with my progress so far.

Humira is working so well for my Crohn’s at the moment that I’ve been off cortisone for almost a year and have been using Humira since July 2012. Usually when I used other medication to keep the Crohn’s flares at bay, I had to go on cortisone on and off few times a year.

The other benefit is that I actually feel that I have enough energy to exercise!  November I was in gym once and December also only one time.  January 2013 however i was in gym 7 times!  And even though February is technically not finished yet I’ve already been there 5 times!

Why am I happy? I’m happy with my progress. My goal was to increase activity slowly but to focus on building a habit.
A habit of being active, even if it’s for 5 minutes. It’s 5 minutes that my heart rate goes up and body can get stronger and healthier.
And to look at my Feb stats at the gym and see that the idea of 5 minutes actually translated into over 3 hours is very satisfying indeed.  Especially when I realise most of those times I went I didn’t feel 100%.  Sometimes I felt good, other times I kind of felt sick.

The trick is to learn to read your body’s signals. After a while you get a better idea when to skip gym and when to push beyond the tired feeling or lack of energy.

My boyfriend has also been extremely supportive and helping me by learning to listen to my body and my gut (pun intended) :)

Feb 2013 exercises

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