My Strategy to get Crohn’s in remission

crohn's positive outlook
So the Humira treatment is definitely working.  It’s is amazing news since I’ve experienced more and more symptoms over the last two years that slowly became worse.  That meant going on and off cortisone and a few hospital visits that also became slightly more frequent.  Nothing as bad as a few years ago but it was concerning to feel how I seemed to experience more and more pain and symptoms.

The fact that the Humira is working means that I am able to exercise more than I have in years.  I’ve been able to go to the gym seven times last month, which I have never been able to do before! Last time I was fit was just before I started getting sick in school at age 15. I was extremely fit and was playing in the school hockey team.  Now I’m starting to enjoy more and more exercise.  It’s amazing!!

I’m actually tracking when I go to the gym and what exercises I’m able to do so hopefully that will motivate me even more if I see how a 5 minute workout becomes 15 minutes or more.

My strategy at the moment is to use this time when I’m feeling stronger and stronger to become as fit as possible and stay as positive as possible. I do each little bit as I can.  Even if it is a 5 minute walk after which I can’t do anything else, I try to not feel despondent and just wait for a next time when I can try again.  My focus is to build the habit of being active again.

Besides – my body has been fighting a war on the inside.  I need to be gentle but firm and slightly pushing my boundaries. It’s recovering from a win from a recent battle thanks to Humira and I intend to make use of every milestone and victory to build my body to be as strong as possible :)

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