In need of perspective


Today I’m feeling very blue.  I’ve been struggling with symptoms of cold and flu for over a week. Since I started Humira I have been struggling with being very suceptible to bugs around me.  Have probably felt symptoms or beginning of a cold atleast one day per week since I started. That’s almost a year now and it feels like it’s catching up with me.

That’s why I decided to rather make a list now of things that I am grateful for before I loose perspective and loose my mind completely!

What I am grateful for today – even though I feel exhausted, miserable, sick and sad:

  • Am not in hospital with a flare
  • Don’t have stomach pain or intense Crohn’s symptoms
  • Have appetite and can enjoy my food again
  • Grateful to have an amazing supportive boyfriend who supports me through thick & thin
  • Have amazing caring people in my life
  • Have two amazing doggies that give me lots of cuddles and tail wagging
  • Enjoy my work and can cope despite my illness and feeling sick
  • Live in a gorgeous city with a great life in general
  • This too will pass – it just has to :)

Now I’m just going to pray, hold onto these things and just breathe…

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