My Winter Plan to stay healthy

We’re approaching winter.

The leaves are slowly turning their autumn colours and there is already a slight chill in the air.

I don’t mind winter too much, but since I’m on immune suppressed medicine most of the time for my Crohn’s that means I easily pick up any available bug.

I’ve never had so many colds & flu occurrences in my life.

But something has to change.

I can’t take immune booster supplements as they will work against my Humira medication so I can only take vitamins & minerals and look at what I’m eating and drinking.  I also feel too vulnerable to take a flu vaccine while on Humira but then again I was never a fan of flu vaccines.

Found a nice article which gave me some motivation and a plan to get myself in gear and do the preparation that I need to do in order to keep my body strong and as healthy as possible this winter.

My Pre-winter Boost plan so far:

  • Try eat lots of veggies and fruit
  • Try juicing and/or smoothies
  • Drink honey, lemon & slice of ginger in hot water if I feel I need a boost
  • Get ingredients for ‘the real flu shot’ as in article
  • Vitamin D (I now take 2000 iU units a day)
  • Zinc (I take in evenings as it can interfere with iron)
  • Iron (take in mornings)
  • Vit C – 1000mg dose a day
  • Probiotics
  • Vit B complex supplement
  • Vit B12 injection (always have taken these)
  • Use disinfectant spray on my hands when at work or public places.

I’m going to try track what I take and do and hopefully I will notice whether this has made a difference.

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