Becoming more active and loving it

I went through bit of a dip during winter after a week long bout of flu but am grateful it didn’t become more serious than that. However it took me ages to get back to the level of activity I was used to.
Few months later and now I feel ready for races again.  I’m not very close to running a full race but am at that point where I could start running bits here and there with walking in between.

Am trying to be patient with my progress and just ‘keep at it’.

My next race is this sunday! The Gun Run is going to be HUGE with 18 000 people expecting to do various races ranging from 5km to 30 odd kms.  I’m walking the 5km but am grateful and proud of what I’ve achieved so far and trying to focus on that and not get demotivated.

And just to celebrate, I’ve entered my next race! Another 5km in the Nature Cape Point reserve!

in race mode

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