Vitamin D solving my dizziness








It has probably been a few years that I’ve struggled with feelings of dizziness and feeling slightly spaced out. Have Googled it, asked my GP and even my specialist bu

t we couldn’t resolve the issue. We started by looking at the obvious causes like anaemia (low iron levels), perhaps low Vitamin B12 or even considered low Vitamin C that could cause it. Nothing helped.
In the meantime I continuously tried to research and found a few articles about how most people with Crohn’s are deficient in Vitamin D. I read the articles and even asked around on some forums and more and more people confirmed they reckon it could help with my dizziness. I started with about 1,000 iU units. I started small since I was afraid to take too much. Vitamin D is fat soluble which means you can easily take in too much. I now take about 2,000 iu units. I’m quite sure it has been the biggest factor in my dizziness subsiding. I still take my iron tablets, Vit B12, Vit C, magnesium & calcium. The only difference has been that I’ve added Vitamin D and even though it took a few months I am now mostly dizziness free!

I am a big believer of continuously
doing research and trying to understand my own body as well as learning to understand what my gut is telling me!

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